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Making Convincing Reflective Shaders in 3DS Max 7.5 and up using the Mental Ray Render

Hey guys, my name is Erik Mjelde and I'm going to show you step by step how to make a convincing reflective shader using max 7.5 and up. The reason you need 7.5 and up is because we are using mental ray's “max bounce” option that is only available in 7.5 and higher versions. This tutorial should be easy to follow even if you are a noob, so lets get started.

-Open a clean slate of max.

-Create a plane 5000x5000 and center it.

-Create five spheres with a radius of 50 units and 64 segment. Place them in the center of the plain with any configuration that you want (in my demonstration I make a four point star with a center ball).

-In the perspective viewport adjust the viewport angle so that it is set up like the picture below and press ctrl-C to make a camera.

We are now done with the modeling portion of this tutorial. Easy right.

Next we are going to set up the shaders so that they look convincing when we render them out.

-Press “m” on your keyboard to bring up the materials manager.

-Click on the first material and name it “convincing red ball”.

-Change the defuse to a red color (don't worry about this color too much as it is only a reference color for us).

-In the specular highlights section change the specular level to 200 and the glossiness to 80.

-Go down to the maps rollout and click on the none label for the bump map and choose a dent map. Label this “big dent”.

-Change the size to 777, the strength to 20 and iterations to 2.

-Click “None” by the white color swatch and choose a dent map. Label this “small dents”.

-Change the size to 100, the strength to 5 and the iterations to 2.

NOTE: Putting a dent map inside of a dent map will break our shader up so that it looks more convincing.

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