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“The Loop” – CGI Animated Short Film HD

Independent and non-commercial project. Created by Arkadiusz Jurcan Sound F/X & Music Mix: Anna Kufirska Mocap actor: Michał Chmiel Mocap session: Michał Hrydziuszko, Adrian Perdjon Soundtrack (Paris Music): “The path I have chosen” Special thanks for hardware support: Platige Image, Post Meridian In memory of H.R.Giger Software: 3ds Max/V-ray, Pulldownit/Rayfire, Krakatoa/Magma, Fume, Thinking Particle, CAT/Motion […]

The Door

Short animation film done at VFS back in 2012. It took me 2 months to model everything and let it working fine and 1 month and 2 weeks to animate. Recently in this year (2016) I redone the textures, shading, lighting and rendering in my free time. The author: Alexandre Agostini (Visited 21 times, 3 […]

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Blender 2.78b ships

The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.78b, the latest version of its open-source 3D software. As the ‘b’ at the end of the version number suggests, it’s primarily a maintenance update to Blender 2.78, but it also significantly boosts the speed of renders using Blender’s Cycles engine on shots with motion blur. Based on work […]

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