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Falken Rim Tutorial

This is the second Rim tutoial I have written, this time I wanted to show another technique to modelling a Car Rim which I use myself on almost all car projects…

This is a very common way of modelling a Car Rim so you may have already seen tutorials like this. I have chosen to record this using the program Camtasia Studio so that you can see me modelling this from from Start to End showing you some of my Techniques.

I converted the AVI Video to Flash to reduce the file size, so you will need to make sure you have Flash Player installed. The file sizes are stilla little large so please be patient when clicking on the tutorial file.

Modelling in 3D Studio Max 7 but can be done in almost all versions of 3D Studio Max. Complete Tutorial is 52.44min

Enjoy !!!

Click to look video

part 01
10:05min – 22.9MB

Click to look video

part 02
7:57min – 12.5MB

Click to look video

part 03
12:48min – 18.3MB

Click to look video

part 04
10:35min – 29.4MB

Click to look video

part 05
6:37min – 11.5MB

Click to look video

part 06
4:45min – 29.2MB

Click to look video

part 07
1:17min – 4.93MB

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