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Nude tutorial by Robert Chang

For this Tutorial, I used Painter 7.

I slapped on some colors with the palette knife, trying to get an over all feel for the mood of this painting.

I quickly blended the color a bit with the opaque round brush, with resaturation set to zero, and bleed turned up. I kept the feature fairly high, since I wanted a rough look. I never use any blending tools in Painter. I find that the painting brushes themselves make much better blenders, since they have bristles, just like a real brush.

I blocked in the figure, and start laying on the colors I wanted for shadows. I don't usally paint without a line drawing first, so this is not typical of how I work. I think I was too lazy to draw first for this one(and I regretted it later, so let this be a lesson to ya!). For this entire painting, I only used the opaque round brush, both for painting and blending. The only other brush I used was the palette knife, for the beginning of the painting and the last steps.

I blocked in the rest of the colors I wanted for the figure.

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