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Setup Blueprints in 3DS MAX


This tutorial will teach you to create 3d blue prints for vehicles and other miscellaneous objects for 3ds Max.

Things you will need

You need basic knowledge of 3ds max.
Internet coverage of course: D

Set up the blueprints for 3ds Max

Load up your internet browser go to the address (www.the-blueprints.com) - you may have to sign up to get. The images in a big size. Navigate to their data base by clicking on (The Blueprints Database) Located on the navigation bar.

Choose your category in my case I am making a Audi Quattro so I select cars then Audi an scroll to Quattro. (Tip = search for a blueprint with four views especially when doing cars it gives you more freedom when you come to model).

Now that you have selected your car, plane or whatever you are making you need to save out the image with this saved we are going to split it into 4 pieces or however many you have in the image.

Front, Back, Top, Bottom and side.

Now open your image in Photoshop or any other editing program and begin to cut out each of the views on the image and put them in separate documents. (Tip = make sure you get right up to the edges of the car).

Once you have cut the image go file new then click ok. Then press ctrl + V then save it as a Jpeg repeat the steps for all of the views at the end you should have 4 files labelled front, back, side and top.

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