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Creating A New World by Henry Pashkov

Click here to view big image
Click here to view big image

Thistutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on theforeground of their new artwork. To implement this tutorial I use a part of thelesson you have possibly seen on the www.3dm3.com CG portal (Direct link o thelesson http://www.3dm3.com/tutorials/planet/)

So let'sstart:

  1. Createa scene in 3D MAX.
  2. Go to Geometrya Geosphere and create a new spherewith the radius equal to 132 (Actuallyit doesn't matter what radius you are going to use).
  3. Name the sphere as "Planet”.

3. Planetmaterial.
CreatePhong material.
Set basicparameters as follows:
Specular level -- 500
Glossiness -- 35
Soften -- 0,1

CreateFallout map for Diffuse Color. Set Falloff Type to “Shadow/Light”. Falloff will contain  two maps – Composite and RGB Tint.

I usuallyuse a hard bump texture or Noise map for the RGB Tint which makes directlyreflected light unevenly distributed on the planet surface. But you can try your own technique.

I assembleComposite map from two parts: RGB Tint is responsible for thevisual depth of the shade.

Mix provides reflection color gamut.

For Specular Color map I use thesame RGB Tint material as in Falloff.

Set to Specular the map that you areplanning to use as a Self-Illumination map, if you want to create cities on thesurface of the planet of course. If not leave Specular map slot empty.

And the last but still veryimportant map – Self-Illumination. Create Falloff map again with two submaps –Falloff map and a map which would illuminate your cities (if you have any) onthe darks side of the planet. And of course set Falloff Type to “Shadow/Light”.

For the inner Falloff assign thesame map as for the previous map. But use “Perpendicular/Parallel” as a FalloutType. Then light transition on the surface of the planet will not be so sharpin the area of light and shadow division comparatively with the clouds.

And at last select any map with a good relief for the Bump. Preferably bump map should accentuate main contoursof the texture you use as a color (Diffuse) map. Set Bump amount 30.

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Copyright Henry Pashkov
Edit by Stryker
Source: http://www.3dm3.com
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