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Here we want to collect interesting and useful tutorials on 2D/3D packages. If you have the quality tutorial or you can write a good tutorial exclusively for us under one of the above categories, please contact stryker@3dm3.com

In this tutorial I will explane you how to make meat grinder.
In this tutorial I will explane you how to make Old school rim. Exclusive for 3DM3
This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Although, you may think making a bottle is trivial, but it is easy to overlook some of the tiny details that make your final image more desirable to watch.
This tutorial will show you how to export mesh and animation to DirectX.
Learn how to properly use the anisotropic features of the mental ray architectural material.
In this video, from 'Introduction to Rendering with mental ray in Autodesk Maya 2009', we will continue to become familiar with the new Irradiance Particles feature from the latest version of mental ray. © i3dtutorials.com
In this tutorial I want to show how to create Full Body Inverse Kinematic in Maya. © Dr. D
This Noesis Interactive tutorial outlines the interface and basics of Autodesk’s Maya 8. It provides an overview of the tools, windows, and options you’ll need to get started with this popular 3D program. © Ben Mears
In this video tutorial I'll explain in depth how to use the mia_roundCorners node newly introduced in maya 8.5. Its use with maya materials as well as mental ray materials. © Nakhle Georges
In this maya video tutorial i'll explain in depth, how to create GrayScale representation of ZDepth as well as Height fields, using many methods including"shading networks" & "mel scripting". © Nakhle Georges
This is a step-by-steptutorial that explanehow to create 350Z's body using polygonal modeling in Maya environment,but you can apply this technique to other poly-modeling software. © Dias
I have crated a video tutorial with voice in Maya that how to create custom marking menus. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorial I will show you the most important part of (Active Rigid Body) and (Passive Rigid Body) called (Set Active Key) and ?(Set Passive Key). © Aziz Khan
This is common problem with these kind of collusion objects with dynamics every object has (Back And Front) that is why some time in modeling faces are reversing accidentally , to solve this problem I am writing you this tutorial. © Aziz Khan
This is from one of my tutorials series, in this tutorial I will show you how to work with (Instancer) inside Maya. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorial I will show you how to use (Curve flow) with instancer to create flock of birds, insects, Fishes, sheep's, cows and etc. Maya has wide range of powerful effects to create unbelievable animations and visual effects. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorial I will show you how to work with (Active rigid bodies) and (Passive rigid bodies) to collide object in the scene. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorial I will show you how to manipulate particle effect from shower head into tub and collide with surface of tub react as like water, Particles are widely use to create visual effects like Smoke, Water, Fire. © Aziz Khan
Hi every friends! in this tutorial we will learn the basic modeling in Alias Maya version 6.0 in this tutorial we will use allot extrude, scale, move,  and split polygon object to create a LCD Monitor. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorial we will learn how to simulate Maya cloth effect with uniform field to react the forces. dynamics are widely use in Maya before going to start this tutorial you should have basic knowledge of Maya. © Aziz Khan
Currently, one of the best ways of achieving photo-realistic imagery is to render using Mental Ray for Maya. Mental Ray offers a Global Illumination and Final Gather solution, which when combined. © Philippe Le Miere
Tutorial "How create a simple crowd" shows how to generate a simulation with the function provided byCrowd Maker. © Adriano Rinaldi
This is an overview of creating high polygon realistic 3D characters  ( with a particular leaning toward the creation of the above model ). © D.Pattenden
This tutorial focuses on modelling an arch without using the boolean operation. © Millies45
Part 4. Welcome to the final part of the Ford Focus tutorial series. While this is the last part of modelling the body , there might be more tutorials on detailing and interior. © Alex
Part 3. Start making the low polygon model of the car. © Alex
Part 2. We will be starting out simple by creating wheels for the car. Well actually we will be creating two different designs. This just to show you how easy it is to do and how you can make any design you want in a matter of minutes. © Alex
Part 1. Set up the image planes for good reference! This is part 1 of tutorial series on how to model a ford focus WRX. In this part you will learn how to properly set up the image planes. © Alex
In this technique we first create a low detals head by nurbs patch modelling then convert it to a polygon object, then we add detail to it. . . © 3DRAF.com
Nice tutorial of modelling a Character in Maya4 (include 44 images). © Carsten Lind
Welcome to my character walk through I'm not sure if you can call this a tutorial as I will just be showing different stages in the building of a character called Kreacher © Julian J
Welcome to my Third tutorial. In This one I will be texturing the head of the character I made in my modeling tutorial. © Julian J
We shall consider the following questions: What Are Smoothed Polygons? Why Use Smoothed Polygons? What technical problems are associated with smoothed polygons? © Ben Bathen
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