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Computer case modelling

Helloeveryone. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a computer case .Thisis an easy to follow tutorial. I'll explain everything as well as I can. I used3D max 7 but I think it can be done using even 3D max 4 or 5.

I alwaysstart by searching the web for reference pictures and I suggest that you do thesame. The case we are going to make is a concept one from a few pictures Ifound. Of course you can make your own design.

Click to view BIG image

OK let'sstart:

First make asimple box and convert it to editable poly.

Now we are going to separate the front part of the casefrom the body. Just cut an edge where the front part should start.

Now chamfer this edge.

Cut another edge betweenthose 2 we just created and extrude it in.

Now we are going to soften the front edges of the case. Select those frontedges and chamfer them then click apply andchamfer it again but this time with a lower value

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Copyright Martin Kostov
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