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Making of cafe by Tiziano Fioriti


When I went to France on April 2005 on my high school trip, I bought different postcards to send them to my family and friends. Accidentally I forgot to post one of them so I brought it home. It represented the Cafe de Flore of Paris, the famous cafe of french existentialists and artists. I liked a lot and so I decided to realize it with computer graphics techniques and instruments.

I just wanna say "thanks" to my old PC: a Pentium 4 processor with a Radeon 9800pro and only 512 mb ram memory. For the realization I used 3ds max 7 and Vray Advanced 1.46. A great post-production process was possible with a Wacom Graphic Tablet. I have Intuos 2 A4 format.


When you decide to realize an image like this, you have to know that the modeling part is the simplest.

All the objects of the scene are modelled in Max with polygonal instruments. The coffee mug, the saucers, the glasses and the fluids were created with lathe tool and then converted to editable polys for texturing. The eggs are simple geospheres with a lot of subdivisions.

The woman drawing is a simple editable spline converted to editable polys and then distorted with FFD 4x4x4 modifier. The table is a primitive cilinder converted and modified as editable polys.

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