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Hi! My name is Jiri Adamec and I want show you how I created Afro head and give you the inspiration to create resembling or better pictures.

Main page: www.astil.euweb.cz


Before one year I saw tutorial in the head at http://www.secondreality.ch/. And my style of the modeling isn?t so different from it. One of the basic rules is: model should have from 99 per cent four-cornered polygons. And edges of the model needs characterize/copy skull and face?s muscles.

There are several good techniques of the modellings of the head and every one have something best. I have preferably this technique of the gradual wraped-up details because I work with total model and I have continual control also other parts than Iam modeling now.


I used Sherpical mapping and then adjuste in uvw unwrap – mainly with using of the Soft selection.

I maped only one half and I used before it modificator Symmetry. After the Symmetry I indicated one half mirrored, turned up and put together with implement Weld. And the outcome you can see here.

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