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Here we want to collect interesting and useful tutorials on 2D/3D packages. If you have the quality tutorial or you can write a good tutorial exclusively for us under one of the above categories, please contact stryker@3dm3.com. Also you can Buy 3D Models with 10% discount on 3DExport

Modeling Sony Ericsson K530
In this tutorial I want to show you how to model Sony Ericsson K530i in 3ds max.
Creating Bicycle Model in 3DS MAX
This tutorial will show you how to use editable poly to create a bicycle. You will learn how to use editable poly and simple shapes like cylinder and box to create assets for the 3d mesh...
Creating Normandy SR1 in 3DS MAX
In this tutorial I will show ho w to model Normandy Space ship from mass effect.
Creating HighPoly Beretta in 3DS MAX
In This tutorial I will show my way of creating high poly weapon in 3d max.
VIDEO: Creating Clay Renders with mental ray
In this video, from “Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010: Volume I”, we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on.
VIDEO: Modeling of Portal Cube
The Portal Cube or Weighted Companion from the Valve game Portal has become somewhat of an icon. This morning I modelled this in 3D Studio Max and recorded to show how it was done.
HDRIs using Vray 1.5 RC3 Renderer
In this tutorial, we'll work out to know how to do a decent lighting using HDRIs using Vray 1.5 RC3 Renderer in 3Ds Max 9.
Making of Paragalis - part 1
10 minutes tutorial for 3D Character Designers explaining the complex unwrapping and designing of pixel strech free uv maps for textre-baking.
Making of Paragalis - part 1
This tutorial will cover my personal workflow for 3d modeling, 3d sculpting, retopo / optimizing, UV’s, normal map generation, light map generation, and texturing. © Marcus Dublin
VIDEO: Capabilities and workflow
This new video demonstrates capabilities and general workflow of the Flatiron plug-in. Flatiron is a four steps Render To Texture plug-in which is capable of baking full scenes or selections of objects into a single UV Map. © Igor Posavec
Brazil2 GI Tutorial
In this tutorial, we will be seeing how to use Global Illumination in "Brazil 'Rio' Rendering System v2.0". As well as a small information on the very useful, Brazil2 Advanced Material, which, in my scene is used to create the water. © Shashank Sharma
Making of The Hole
In this tutorial we will find out how make sci-fi The Hole space station. © Jean-Francois Liesenborghs
Neoclassic Livingroom Lightning and rendering Maxwell
In this tutorial we’ll investigate the render and lightning adjustment for neo-classical room design. At first place, activate the maxwell render and then set the materials in the material editor as maxwell materials. © Serkan Celik
Video: 3d Max 2008 Mental ray exterior light & render setup tutorial
In this video tutorial of www.renderray.com, we will work on the Exterior Light setup, Render settings & HDRI, Environment Effects And Mental Ray Photographic Exposure Control setup to make a realistic and professional render. © Orkut Ersoy
Vray Video tutorials: Studio & light setup - Part1_Modelisation
Advance V-Ray studio lighting tutorial from www.renderray.com that explains the creation and setup for the studio lighting, and the usage of vray physical cameras within 3d Max In this first part, we will start with the modelisation. © Orkut Ersoy
Making of Quad bike by Ali Ismail
This will be a brief explanation about making of the quad bike, I like quads but you won’t exactly see me riding one (too scary for me ;) ) anyway it was needed for a small project for a presentation of a quad and motorcycles racing track. © Ali Ismail
Clock tutorial by Oellas
In this tutorial I will show you a few tips to create aclock in 3d max and render it with Fryrender. © Oellas
Making of cafe by Tiziano Fioriti
When I went to France on April 2005 on my high school trip, I bought different postcards to send them to my family and friends. Accidentally I forgot to post one of them so I brought it home. © Tiziano Fioriti
VIDEO Tutorial: Camera Projection
This video is about creating a camera projection (camera map per pixel) for an animation with pointing photo realism and maintaining rendering speed with Mental Ray in 3dsmax. © Emre Goren
Developing A Scripted Utility In 3ds Max-9
This tutorial is for users with basic knowledge in max script or any other object oriented language. Here I explained everything step by step. © Sathish Shanmugasundaram
Setup car rendering studio with V-ray
Tutorial about modeling, lighting and texturing of ancient passage. © Mohammed Khalil
Setup car rendering studio with V-ray
This tutorial will teach you to create softly illuminated room environment as in a real auto studio very fast. Quick light positioning and auto paint material setup. © be_fast
Making of Varga by Paul Tosca
This is not a step by step tutorial. I will summarize the workflow i used for one of my characters with lots of images and some print-screens directly from the applications used ( maya/mudbox/photoshop etc ...). © Paul Tosca
Head modeling
VIDEO tutorial: Head modeling by Rodrigo Banzato © Rodrigo Banzato
Making of The Abandoned Building
This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building.
Knight modeling
Speed video tutorial: Torso modeling of the knight © Marcin Klicek Klicki
Making of Hellgate’s Hunter
The Hunter model has been made for the Hellgate London cinematic , made by Blur Studio.Later on I decided to make an illustration for my own fun, using some additional models I did previously. Hellgate London is developed by Flagship Studio.
Modeling of Schwerin Theater
I use Autodesk 3dsmax version 9 for modeling so run it. I will use default unit setup for this project because I want make it with my eyes so unit isn’t important. © Mohammad Saatchi
Making of Wood/Concrete WC
This was a client work, and we ask me to create a simple and modern Bathroom with similar lines as the exterior house, very simple and with a lot of concrete and Wood.
Making Of Road Roller Car
Hello and welcome to the Making of my ROAD ROLLER CAR. Part 1 of the tutorial. © Voltzsociety
Rendering yellow Ferrari
The main idea for this image was to have soft shadows and realism.. So I used Area Lights, I placed two Area Lights and a Skylight which is not fancy, didnt touch parameters of kylight © Emre Goren
Z4 Unleashed
It is the first time for me in the cars modeling I was thought that it is complicated but after this try I found that it is so simple so, I did this tutorial which rapidly explain how I format the car, textures, materials and the rendering lastly. © Mohamed Abuyhia
Making of Light House
I want tell about why I choose to do this model. Firstly there is a wonderfull atmosphere and it shows part of my life.
Making of Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron - One of the fastest and popular speedcar…. This 3D Model was created in 2 Days completely. I used 3DS Max for this. © Navdeep Raj
Making of Tallgate
This tutorial devoted to making process of my artwork - "Tallgate" investigation and ideas that I used in this direction would probably be interesting to some of the readers and I dare to hope they would be as well useful. © Henry Pashkov
Making of Binah
Binah was a difficult and long time consumming project. It was a great challenge for me, technically and artistically. Binah is the third sephirah of the tree of life in cabbala.
VIDEO tutorial: Fat Monster - Gordo (modeling) by Rodrigo Banzato
Fat Monster - Gordo (modeling) - (basic/intermediate) - 17 Mb © Rodrigo Banzato
VIDEO tutorial: Fat Monster - Gordo (texturing) by Rodrigo Banzato
Fat Monster - Gordo (texturing) - (basic/intermediate) - 10 Mb © Rodrigo Banzato
VIDEO tutorial: Fat Monster - Gordo (rendering) by Rodrigo Banzato
Fat Monster - Gordo (rendering / riging / animating) - (basic) - 7 Mb © Rodrigo Banzato
Making of Audi R8 in Desert
Jacobo Rojo from Arte-3D Modeling Studio goes us through making of his latest work Audi R8 in Desert
Creating A New World by Henry Pashkov
Thistutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on theforeground of their new artwork. To implement this tutorial I use a part of thelesson you have possibly seen on the www.3dm3.com. © Henry Pashkov
This video shows how easy is to setupcaustics in Final Render within 3dsmax.. © Emre Gören
First drafts. I had no exact image in my mind what I wanted to do, so I vaguely drew the figures. Didn't like the guy right from the start so he had to go pretty soon.
Let's pass to the next step (the most important of this project) - Texturing. © Patrasciuc Cristian
"After making a few "clean" projects, like cars or beautiful living-rooms, I've decided to make a scene where I can test my texturing ability and, maybe, improve it." © Patrasciuc Cristian
Just look step-by-step Organic modeling tutorial by Eric Maslowski. [HQ] © Eric Maslowski
The Making of Wonded Ork
I was angry to sculp that fantastic creature. That was my first goal, to frame that wonded monster in mesh. I got started with a simple piece of geometry, and gradually building up volume and form.
VIDEO tutorial: Roman soldier
In this VIDEO tutorial you will see how to make Roman soldier. Tutorial time 2:15 h -> speeded up 600-700%. Thanks KLICEK © KLICEK
This is my tutorial of setup Camaro blueprint from photos for car modeling in 3ds max © be_fast
In this tutorials I will show how to create nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting in VRay. © Aziz Khan
In this tutorials I will show how to create nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting in Mental_Ray. © Aziz Khan
Like a good number of rpg players, I'm an addict of Final Fantasy series.So I decided to make my own fanart of an in game playable character. I chosen Lulu from FFX because she's very adult ,serious and has a cold glance.
To start off with, I assume that you know basic knowledge of 3dMax. I am using 3dMax5, and I am not sure how this will translate over to any previous versions. Anyway, on to the tutorial. © Daniel Buck
It's a big series of video tutorials in hi-quality with comments. NOW you can download it for absolutely FREE and please post here your impressions about the tutorial. © be_fast
This project started as a personal challenge, I wanted to apply everything that I learned throughout this year in a single work.
Tutorial where will be shown as possible to create planets for a foreground. © Henry H. Pashkov
Hi everyone reading this overview about making-of my work "DNA_priority". This overview is software-specific as I have used 3DsMAX and Rhinoceros for making a picture. © Maxim Rudakov
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a computer case .Thisis an easy to follow tutorial. I'll explain everything as well as I can. I used3D max 7 but I think it can be done using even 3D max 4 or 5. © Martin Kostov
I start newinteractive tutorial on 3DM3. It will be car-modelling tutorial. I choosed VAZ21093 car. Why? Because it is simple to do for begginers. © Kazus
This tutorial will covers the major points of producing this image, starting with the planning and covering the modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting and compossiting.
In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you need to know about occlusion pass in 3 simplified parts. The first part is explains what an occlusion pass is and what its good for. The second part is all the technical info on how to make an occlusion pass. the third part explains how to use it. © Ziv
Hey guys, my name is Erik Mjelde and I'm going to show you step by step how to make a convincing reflective shader using max 7.5 and up. © Erik Mjelde
In this tutorial we will learn how to simulate "REACTOR CLOTH" with "REACTOR WIND" in 3ds max so keep ready we are going to start. © Aziz Khan
Max Edwin Wahyudi will show you the making of 'Song Hye Kyo' the Korean actress.
This tutorial posted step-by-step Modelling of cast disc for a car by Vadson © Vadson
This tutorial is best suited for those who like to see a rough model from the start and then refine into detail as you go. © A.Wiro
The key to this tutorial is to help you improve your scenes and how you render in general. It is a fairly simple concept that once you learn you will always use. © Punxva
I decided to write how I make the scene for car rendering. Pay attention only to the light and the scene, car stands only for example © Wasa
This is a quick tutorial that explains all the process to make this composition. We´re going to see how to make the model, materials, lighting, render parameters and finishig the image with photoshop. © David Melchor Díaz
The creation of eyelashes is one of the most complicated tasks of a human model, there are different ways to create them. © J.Siquier
Tutorial which describes the new 'Ambient Occlusion' method. This method is basically rendering out an occlusion pass. © Ozgur Ustundag
That this is not a tutorial to teach highest rendering adjustments with MR..its only a startup scene setup for beginners for rendering car scenes. © Emre Goren
This is my 3rd 3dsmax tutorial, and it will teach you how to create microscopic cell scenes © Necksmasher
I've done a tutorial on my car the Mazda RX8. The tutorial aint quite finished yet but iam working on it. The tutorial covers everything from the start modelling to the render setup for scanline and brazil. © Nasty
This tutorial is about how to create some really cool logos, tribal symbols, and other cool signs and such with 3dsmax. (Some content shown in this tutorial may also have included post work in Photoshop.) © Necksmasher
This tutorial is either for who's getting started with MAX and for those who well know. This'll be a step by step tutorial and you all will learn how to use essential tools to start modeling by yourselves. © EL_Shadow [TeknoBrothers®]
One more tutorial about creation of a Rubics Cube. For viewing you need have Macromedia Flash © Travis
This modeling tutorial is very simple and should be easy to complete in a matter of just a few minutes © Necksmasher
How to create a simple 5 spoke wheel. © Corrosion
How to make a car-paint without the use of additional plugins. © Kevin Dijkstra
Hi! My name is Jiri Adamec and I want show you how I created Afro head and give you the inspiration to create resembling or better pictures. © Jiri Adamec
HDRI with 3DSMAX & Mental Ray (simple scene file for beginners). This is not a step by step tutorial , there is a downloadable scene file and you can see all the paramaters that I have used to create this image © Emre Goren
This is completed mesh model. Now its time to put some texture on it. © Nikola Drincic
We look as to model this sweet shark. © Nikola Drincic
"I have mentioned step by step of how to light up an interior scene in my recent tutorials. This chapter will go into the details about material to enhance more realistic scene." © Smoke
Great tutorial on creation F1 sport car. There are English and French versions! © Tyio
Learn "how to create a portrait from photograph"! © Smoke
"I have an idea how to draw roof tiles on a roof with editablepoly as one of my recent work needed a close up view of the roof that need more detail than using bitmap. The model is quite light and not so complicated". © Smoke
"Ok , here is the first tutorial, I will try to keep it simple and short.. Its not so hard and after this tutorial you will see that it takes only 5 mins to setup a scene.. As the topic says this is a car rendering so you will need car model to render. © Emre Goren
This tutorial contains the detail view of glade creation process. The lesson is reckon on 3DStudioMax users and also is based on Grass-O-Matic plugin for 3DSMAX. © SpWar
This tutorial will help people who doesn't know the bases of the polygonal modelling. To realize this, I have used an example that has been useful to show you some interesting techniques in this field. © Claudio Magri
This tutorial will help you to learn to work with plugin SHAG: FUR, and also you find out its original application for creation of trees and other plants. © Dimitar Tzvetanov
Hi, I'm finally done with my first 3ds max- tutorial and I've tried to do it as easy to follow as possible. Well, you got to have some 3ds max experience. So, what are you waiting for, Christmas? :P © Joel Andersson
First of all here is a small introduction. I was briefed to build an aircraft-launchable missile, but this missile was special in that it had DMF capability (Dual Missile Fire). © Rory Woodford
This tutorial is complex from the point of view of modeling, because the user will pass thorough different techniques like surface tools(spline modeling), mesh edit (polygonal modeling), mesh smooth. © Razvan Mafte
This is an introduction to procedural maps. I wrote an article in 2000 explaining roughly how I created a magma shader I had created earlier, unfortunantly during that time I didn’t really have any free time to really focus on it. © Allan McKay
In this entry level tutorial Dave Wilson demonstrates one way to make a can look like it has been kicked around and left for dead by the side of the road. © Dave Wilson
For this tutorial I assume you got a fair bit of brain and experience with 3D Studio MAX. © Thomas Suurland
Here is told how to make realistic damages at your space ship with the help textures. This lesson as can be applied and to other objects. © Kenny_Z
This tutorial explains how to make cool-looking explosions like this picture. © TFRAkira
This is just a quick and an efficient way of doing nice explosions. © Monty
This lesson will help you learn to create realistic fire by using a particles. When using this procedure you will be able to fire all you want, including animation figure of people, trees and etc. © Yoni Cohen
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