LightWave 3D45 Videos

Intergrating 3d objects into 2d environments

To begin, I have chosen a photo that I took myself when I was on holiday in Italy. I will use this photo because it doesn’t contain a direct light source (in this case the sun); it has a nice diffused light that we can easily match to the techniques I will demonstrate and doesn’t […]

Making of the Box Car

This box car is based on a train model hand painted by Ron Thornton. This project took about a week and a half. I used reference pictures of the model box car and measurements to create it to scale. The making of the box car is broken down into modeling, texturing, lighting, and compositing.

Warchild – Texturing with Lightwave 9

The WarChild is a texturing challenge that I took on as an endeavor to further my texturing abilities using what I know of LightWave’s layer based textures and to learn more about the new NODES system in LightWave 9. The first version I textured was a theme of a Roman solider….

Making of Left Behind

This image was created using Lightwave for all 3D-work and Photoshop for textures and post-processing. Most of the material for the textures was taken from the complete “Total Textures” collection.

The making of Water World

Hello everyone, in this overview I’ll share some of the techniques I used in the creation of this image. I’ll cover basics modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. The image was created using Lightwave 3d, Photoshop and 3D total’s texture collections. Don’t worry if you don’t use LW as your 3d app, what I’ll show you […]

The nature of man

This scene was made using Lightwave for modelling, Photoshop was used for the textures, background image and post work. FPrime was used for final rendering.

CharacterStudio to Lightwave

This tutorial is for anyone who ever wanted or needed to use the animation power of 3D Studio Max’s Character Studio with the FX and rendering power of Lightwave 3D but thought it wasn’t possible

Animated Snow Trails

This tutorial shows a technique I came up with to create displaced trails in the snow. (I won’t claim to be the first ever person to invent this, since most good ideas are usually not new ideas!).

Procedural Texturing with Weightmaps

Lightwave’s procedural surfacing features have dramatically improved since version 5, and they now provide a powerful alternative to using image maps. Although sometimes slower, they generally use less memory and provide a level of detail that can undergo close scrutiny.

A Realistic Lighting Rig

This tutorial will show you how to create a lighting rig that will simulate daytime lighting conditions. Most importantly, it will allow you to easily adjust the rig so you can reuse the rig in many different scenes

The making of The Operator

The idea behind the Operator, in the anime movie Spoonman, is one of thought and segways; which makes him a very cool concept to wrap your head around, I used that to my advantage in the form of inspiration and motivation when assigned the task by…

Birth of a Dawn

I was strongly influenced by the sinbad travels to the strange land and finding new discoveries and new exciting landscape, this is were this location looks interesting strange but familiar and warm with a bit of a


wanted to create a warm and pleasant nature scene. I have seen an old painted picture, which used the same perspective for a view over a valley. I wanted the viewer to look over the ocean instead. For such an image I needed an environment with the hill itself, a few houses and a lot […]


This image is three aliens that keep on coming back to the same spot once a month, they are interested in us as much as we are in them, We try to keep quiet as they look at us, observing each other it seems, they might me be explorers are interested in the universe.


Since it was about Plants and Trees, it was near that we did a landscape scene. Sebastian wanted some water in, I wanted leaf’s flying around. At first we started with the main landscape shapes, the position of the water, basically the main scene layout. You can see a screenshot of the final scene below