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Immediately after we started searching for those two concepts between all the reference points till, bingo!, the pod race featured in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”, appeared as the perfect solution. From that moment on we turn the Kotoc engine on: creativity and production. We developed the script for the piece, started to record the first chords that would set the rhythm and to design the world in which the action would take place. For the spaceships we wanted to take a close look at the marine world, because the most aerodynamic there is the number 1, like on F1. To this premise we added the racing drivers’ personality with their cars. As a result of this, Alonso is a dolphin because of his intelligence, Hamilton is a shark because of his aggressiveness, Kimi is a swordfish and Massa is a hammerhead shark. With all this in our hands, only the branding for La Sexta was left, capturing the brand and their values in this new world.
And then, in Alonso’s words: “TAKE THAT”. After 2 months of intense work with a team of more than 15 people we managed to create these pieces that have been for us not only a great project but also the toughest, fun and rewarding race we have run.

We want to thank La Sexta for their confidence and all the people that has been in this project for making Kotoc a winning team.

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