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Modelling a planet. Setting up the scene and light

First it should be mentioned that this method is useful only for those cases when the planet is shown at the middle or background. 1. Create the scene in 3D MAX2. In Geometry –> geosphere create a spheresized 132 (it is not important what size it will be, it’s up to you to decide)3. Duplicate […]

Creating a Lamborghini Murcielago

This multi chapter tutorial shows in detail how to create and render a very special car, the Lamborghini Murcielago, in Realsoft3D V5. The tutorial will go through all the steps and contains over 350 pictures showing the workflow. Some basic knowledge of using the Realsoft3D user interface, like creating and renaming objects, using the compass […]

Active Key Frame Tutorial By Aziz Khan

Hello every buddy, in this tutorial I will show you the most important part of (Active Rigid Body) and (Passive Rigid Body) called (Set Active Key) and ?(Set Passive Key) these 2 options some time very necessary to work with, allot of people asked me to help them or to write a tutorial about (Active […]

Reactor Wheel Tutorial By Aziz Khan

Hello and welcome again to my (Reactor Wheel) Tutorial, I am writing this tutorial for request of some friends whom they needed this to their project, so I thought its should be for you too, hope you enjoy this tutorial and be able to learn some thing new. Ok I am not going to waste […]

Instancing Tutorial In 3ds Max By Aziz Khan

Hello friends, in this tutorial I will show you how to instance one single object to hundreds in the scene by having just one single object in the scene, if notice sometime some people has done their models and they want to attach it into motion path or wants to have allot of the same […]

Making of ruins by Lukasz Szeflinski

This time I wanted to concentrate on proper texturing and realism. It took me 5 months of my free time to create this scene. My main goal was to recreate the already existing environment in 3d as accurately as possible to achieve a high degree of realism, just like in the movie production. I knew […]

How to make a realistic electron microscope material

QuickMax is a new series of simple 3dsmax tutorials that I created, which will feature all aspects of the program itself, including modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation. Welcome to section one, this will feature the 3dsmax Material Library. Section 1: Materials Standard Materials 2: How to make a realistic electron microscope material (To complete this […]

The Making of Ultimate Robot

The idea in to create this image and is conditioned from a video of bjork in which there was rather a Two similar Robots. Ok I will now explain you’ shortly as I have proceeded in the construction of such image.

Occlusion pass guide

About tutorial In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you need to know about occlusion pass in 3 simplified parts. The first part is explains what an occlusion pass is and what its good for. The second part is all the technical info on how to make an occlusion pass. the third part […]

The Making of Bruttus 4Z

I made some sketches for some of my concepts and others not because I used other cars as reference. The car that we’re talking about, in this article, is based on the marvelous and beautiful Mazda RX-8 as you may already noticed. I chose to base this one in RX-8 but I could’ve done sketches […]

Interview with Tim Warnock

        September 28, 2005 | Stryker A little bit about Tim Warnock: My name is Tim Warnock. I am a matte painter and conceptual artist working in the entertainment industry. TheNextSide represents a sampling of my most recent work. My career as an artist began in 1991 at St. Lawrence College in […]

The Making of Phoenix building

In this tutorial I will go through my usual workflow with simple steps (trying to make it as simple as posible), to build a scene, from the preparation for the project (Pre-Pro) untill the final render, as always using Discreet 3D Studio Max, for the modelling, mapping and lighting, and Photoshop/Bodypaint for the texturing based […]

The Making of Peugeot 907

        September 13, 2005 | Stryker At the start of July Peugeot design department comissioned me to do a series of illustrations depicting their new concept car for the 2004 Paris Motor Show, the 907 v12. I flew over to Paris to meet the designers for a full run down on the […]

The Making of Mazda RX-8

This is not a complete walkthrough tutorial, as it takes a lot of time to make one and besides, I have already finished the model quite a while ago. I will, however, try to give you some insight at how it was created from modelling to rendering so that it might provide you with some […]

The Making of ‘RIO GRANDE’

    August 31, 2005 | Stryker This tutorial includes the most interesting and complicated steps of making the scene. The idea to create RIO GRANDE image came up to me while I was watching small copies of locomotives and steam locomotives at a shop. So when I came home I’ve decided to make one […]

VIDEO Tutorial: Knight modeling

Torso modeling of the knight INFO: Size of original movie: 218 MB Compressed in .zip size: 202 MB Duration: 20 minutes and 30 seconds Format: MediaPlayer (.avi) Download Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Marcin Klicek KlickiEdit by Stryker Source: http://www.digital-aktimel.pl

The Making of Diet Pepsi

The following paper provides a brief, detailed description of some of the technical aspects involved in producing the “Diet Pepsi After Hours” spot. A general/advanced knowledge of computer graphics and animation is recommended.

Snowy Mount tutorial from Polyman

Creating a Snowy Mountain—Texturing Based on Slope Some Notes: This is 3ds max tutorial, but it was inspired by LightWawe. LW can use slope as input parameter. Though, there’s no such option in Max. So, to get such effect – you need to improvise. Here’s how: Preview: In this tutorial you’ll create a mountain model, and texture it […]