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Metabaron Nameless ZBrush Render Tutorial

Once the sculpture is finshed I made retopologies, for the cloth are hand made retopology and for the head since is going to be no animated model is just a ReMesh to have a equal polygon surface for the polypaint.

This a test to use as a guide to my self for the final looking, no taking much care about topology and also add some over paint for details to add after.

This is the model with all the details on it ready to paint and shader it for the render.

On this image is explained how to save the camera view to have any time is needed. Also is used a standard render with standard render. And the configuration of the three lights for the render.

This is the result of the material and lights.

Here are all the render passes using different materials and adding some lights to achieve the final result.

The final render, composed in photoshop.

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David Munoz David Munoz Velazquez is a Spanish artist born in Barcelona. He studied Graphic design and he specialised in lighting and character design. He gained experience in video games and move to feature animation. Currently works at Kandor Graphics, a Spanish studio as Colour/Lighting Art Director and digital sculptor.

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