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Making of “UFO Crash”

I wanted to tell something different from usaual UFOconcepts, to give a feeling of movement and mystery in the picture.


This are the main brushes custom used for the creation of ‘UFO crash. No photo textures were used in this picture.Integrating photos in your works usually speeds up process but I am not a fan of working with the photo
textures, Yes I always love to do it in hardway. Here everything is done with standard and custom brushes.

As a first step my idea to start the work in greyscale. Working in grayscale has lot of advantages instead of directly going with colours.This helps to maintain overall balance of the picture like depth, lighting, shadows, etc.
Frist I started this image in rough with standard round brush and chalk brush. I used standard photoshop brushes for the base so to find a simple composition by either blocking out the main focal point/light source with round brushes.
Once I’d picked up the design, I refined it a bit more and add little more value. I also added few details to the main object ‘UFO’ so that i could have a idea that how the over all scene would render in final.
Here I kept three important things in mind that how the lighting,shadows and depth should work in the scene.


Here I added more details to the scene.I exageratted crash here and also added atmosphereic effects with custom brushsets to create the snowy environment.
Then I added few people to the scene i.e “ufologists ” in order to show that there is a story going on.

I wanted tell something different from usaual UFOconcepts.Wanted to give a feeling of movement and mystery in the picture. Something which can happen or happened, a kind of fake realism or existence of ET.


This is where the fun part begins, started adding more snow intothe scene. This done with standard round brush and custom snow brush.I changed the brush settings for the snow that would work perfect for rendering snow effects.Added few more details for balancing overall scene here.


Repeated step3 and started more detailing like background mountains,snowfall etc .This time where I worked more on important things like ‘Lighting’ ‘Shadows’ and ‘Depth’ which i had pointed in step1.This would effect the picture a great extend when working from mind so there should be little understanding about how the light would effect the objects in certain ways.
Here I am happy with the design and I have a clear idea that how this image would end in final render.


Once I am happy with the final grayscale design ,I go for the colors. Since I wanted to create evening snow fall mood, I worked in color layers sometimes and added more life to the scene.To simplyfy coloring process I divided the coloring part into three i.e working on (sky and mountains), (UFO and Ufologists) and (snow and its details).Here I kept focusing mainly on lightfalls and mood creation


Repeating step5, worked more on detailing the subjects. Added more depth for background, worked with colors to create the evening snow fall atmosphere .Updated snow with, bit shadows to bring out more realism to the content.For service vehicle I used a reference from net which worked well as foreground to the scene.


Here I enhanced the snowfalls on UFO.In step 6 the snow appeared little flat so I painted more snow into the scene to make it more believable.

Final image

For the final image I color corrected the scene to bring out the actual evening snowfall atmosphere.Here I wanted to give the viewer to feel story going on inthe scene , a kind of movement and mystery in the unidentified flying object that what or who has aviated this thing to our planet.

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