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Making of “Morning in Garden”

In this making of I will show you the way I work and learn from experience from other artists, as well as the brushes that I collected from them. Especially artists Marta Dalhig, my favorite artists through my work Morning in the Garden.
I started finding reference for my concept. The best thing I like from great artists such as William Bouguereau is his painting skin, a clear white skin, and rosy. However I would like the skin of my work seems to be in the plastic.
Download brush at the bottom of the page.

First ,I want to talk about the color tone, I think a pretty picture is a picture of beauty color , no need to know the technical or details . It’s great if you have the ability to creat nice color tone , but even you don’t , there is a way to have a picture with vibrant colors. In my opinion ,we can fully use the color of the other artists as a background color for your picture and then slowly turn it as what you want.

With the tone i found, I started to quickly layout and ideas with a rough outline, and identify the source of light.

Mixing various colors will make your tone become less poor and less monotonous brilliant color. I really find this is extremely important, the color of the painting becomes more refined completely. With me. I like combining 3 colors, yellow, red and green.

Began to push deeper details

I began to divide the range of light and shadow clearly, and more details

With a variety of brush support, they will make the process faster and be many materials

To make your block more clarity, strengthening the reflected light will create beautiful effects and brilliant.

Maybe the way I applied the reflected light is too strong, reduce the contrast of the picture. But I still like it, it makes me feel gentle

With line effect on the collar, it is fairly simple to create, Laying two brush layer on top of each other. You absolutely can create various shapes by this method, but do not overdo it because it can be counterproductive.

Final,focus on detail

Download brushes

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