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Making of Leticia

At the request of a friend who was admiring my work in a social network, came the work of paint her daughters


Hello, first of all, thank the space given here.
I’m Ney Lisboa, also known as TeoClyts, and I’ll show you a little about one of my works.
At the request of a friend who was admiring my work in a social network, came the work of
paint your daughters (Isabelle and Gladness).I do not have much experience, because I had just done a digital painting for my girlfriend,but I was determined to step over.
That work gave me moments of headaches to make clothing, but it was very gratifying to receive
praise after all.


Starting with the sketch in a layer over a white background with a simple round brush.


Decreasing the opacity of sketch, I start painting with the same brush size and opacity
contralodos pressure (tablet), the points of shadow, with black and white.


Now with the basics of light and shadow, I used the Hue / Saturation to reach a similar color to the skin,
and then create a color palette to be used in the details.


I personally think that the eyes are much in one picture, no detail overlooked them,

can leave a person with a different propulsive emotional time, so I try to make eye as detailed as possible.


I wanted to spend a certain realism in your mouth, leaving you with a natural color, no teeth
artificial color white, the enamel did exactly like the real photo, respecting details, the brightness of saliva in your gums and lips cracked.


The flower was very time consuming to make, I was not happy with the look of it, and redid
three times to get the result that pleased me.


The clothing was the most complicated thing to do, I had many hours of headaches because
it, not remade so many times like a flower, but had to be very patient to create a brush that
that the appearance of a mesh.


In the end I was satisfied and happy with the result, but unfortunately my friend did not like either
this painting, as painting liked Isabelle.

Watch the speedpainting

Thank you all.

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About The Author

Ney Lisboa Born in 1981, Ney Lisboa (TeoClyts) came to enjoy the art of drawing with five years of age in 2001, bought his first computer with the intention of improving their way of painting. But with work, lack of time, lost the will to draw until early 2008 and bought a tablet, in July 2008 he met his girlfriend (Maya), which inspired his first digital painting.

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