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Tutorial "Sprinkle a Cupcake with Dynamics and Thinking Particles"

In this tutorial I explain how to use Thinking Particles and Dynamics to achieve various ways to sprinkle a cupcake. These methods can be applied to various project ideas you may have and feel free to share any videos / ideas/ comments/ that you may come up with!

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About The Author

Stephen Turcotte MirrorMaze is a motion design studio based in Portland, Maine. Here you’ll find our client work, personal experiments, and tutorials. Our passion is to produce dynamic and high quality design through the use of 3d, 2d, and compositing software. We’re also very excited about the vast amount/ growing popularity of software tutorials on the web, so we’ve decided to contribute by starting our own community here. Whether you’re a client, fellow motionographer/ design-lover, or just want a place to geek out about really cool and exciting stuff- we’re glad you’re here, and welcome!

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