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Tutorial “Prometheus Holographic Navigation”

Prometheus holographic navigation is a very exciting tutorial,in which you will learn a more advanced MoGraph, with new techniques that are exclusive only in cinema 4d tutorials, our entire team we liked the movie ,Really one of the BEST science fiction movies that you have to see ,
And all these effects were realized with the program cinema 4d ,Thanks to maxon, we have the best 3d software in the market. and thanks to MoGraph, we can create great effects in minutes .
Now you can create a hologram effect in movies like , The Avengers, Iron man 3, Total Recall, gi joe 2 , star wars and many more.

The last part will explain:
-How to create holographic materials in Cinema 4d
-How to create a composition in Cinema 4d
-Advanced mograph sound effector tutorial
What else is included?
-Project Files Included cinema 4d settings
-Alien and 3d models are included
-3D mograph files are inluded (include mograph animation)

All this you can find

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