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Cyborg Arm in After Effects Tutorial

In this tutorial you learn how to use After Effects to turn you arm into a cyborg arm. We use MochaAE (which is included in After Effects) to track the motion and perspective distortion of the arm and then do the compositing in After Effects.

Things to learn in this After Effects tutorial:

  • Learnin how to track the movement of the skin and the bone below it independently of each other.
  • Learn why the first point makes your composite much more realistic.
  • Learn how to change your prespective and work in a stabilized and undistorted precomp (a.k.a. inverse tracking).
  • Learn how to identify cyborg arms hiding in your furniture.

Video Tutorial

After Effects Project Download

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About The Author

Mathias Möhl Mamoworld offers free high quality After Effects tutorials everybody from the newbie to the expert. The tutorials are clearly structured and easily understandable, although they cover quite advanced topics.

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