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VIDEO tutorial: Head modeling by Rodrigo Banzato

INFO: Size of original movie: 58 MB Compressed in .rar size: 57 MB Duration: 10 minutes and 31 seconds Format: MediaPlayer (.avi) DOWNLOAD Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.com Copyright © Rodrigo Banzato Edit by Stryker Source: http://www.tonka3d.com.br

Making the head of the Moria Orc

Well, this is how I made the head for my Moria orc. As with any project, I started off by getting loads of reference. I was originally going to make an Isengard orc, but in the end rather decided to go with a Moria orc simply because the Moria ones look a little grosser!So I […]

How to create a portrait from photograph

1. Prepare 2 photos or skectchs of front and side of a head. Create 2 box as in figure 1. Be cafeful of the proportions when you assign mapping on them. figure 1 camera view 2. At front elevation, draw lines, following the contour. Make sure every vertex join together in rectangular or triangular shape […]