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Making of The Monkey King

In this project ‘Monkey King’ I used MAYA for modeling and rendering.


In this project ‘Monkey King’ I used MAYA for modeling and rendering.


The Monkey King is a legendary hero in Chinese fairy tale, and he has a particular parentage. He was born in a stone because he is the child of nature. Many Chinese artists did a lot of concept design for the ‘Monkey King’. I combine those artworks and add some new element from a Japanese cartoonist. In my original purpose, I want to make all the expedition team of monkey king, but I do not have enough time to finish it, it is a great disappointment :(

Concept Design

I made some change to the traditional concept design, and added a background and some little monster for monkey king.


I use maya nurbs and polygon to create the whole scenes, the body  part of monkey king is nurbs and the armatures are polygon. I spend about 2 months to create the model, texture,hair,fur,and render.


Usually I use deeppaint3d and PS to make texture, when I need to create the scratch in the exactly position I export the .obj to deeppaint3d, I can easily find the right place for the scratch detail.

Lighting and Rendering

I use the render layer to render different layer and pass, such as the monkey king layer, armature layer, painteffect layer, fur layer and little monsters layer, for each layer there are about 4 pass, the diffuse, specula, shadow, rgb pass (for composite). My favorite composite software is digital, in my view, the composite is very  important for the final result.

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Hello everybody, my name is Lin Lei, I have engaged in CG field for 8 years.(4 years in a film FX company and 4 years freelancer) Now I would like to get a steady job in game or film FX industry. I would be very pleased if you could give me some job information. Thanks.

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