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Making of The Abandoned Building

This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building.


This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building. I felt that I live inside the design and I worked with every single detail as if it was the design itself. It was very nice journey with the world of textures and lighting. In this small making of I will explain the lighting, texturing and rendering steps/settings taken for creation of this image.


I’ve used three light`s: target direct light to act the sun light, Vray light (plane) behind the room window, Vray light (plane) outside the room in the left side.


I was depended 90% on texturing to show the desired  look of the abandoned building, So I’ve worked very deeply with the details of the textures.

Room Wall Texture

Wooden Part of the Wall

Table Texture

Floor Texture

Window Material

Door Handle Texture

Bottle Material

Candle Stick Material

Render Settings

Because the volume light is not working with vray shadow in direct light, so I made two renders passes. The first pass is normal render with vray shadow but without the volume light. The second pass rendered with shadow maps and I give all models a black materials by override mtl in the vray general settings to show volume light only in this pass, and I’ve composited the two images in Photoshop.

Here is the final result and hope you like this image and the settings, explanation will help you somewhere.

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