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Hi friends, this is my first Project with a IIWW ( 2nd World War ) vehicle, we can tell it “tank”.

Hi friends, this is my first Project with a IIWW (  2nd World War ) vehicle, we can tell it “tank”. Normally I work on 3ds Max, for this  I used 8 Version. Why a DickerMax ? Well, normally I just do models that haven’t  3d model done, and several friends suggested me to make a vehicle of German IIWW. Well just I had to find a rare model of tank, ladies & gentlemans with allyours the DickerMax, rare, are, only two prototypes were build. They were sent to the Russian front, and one returned to the factory of origin, the other was damaged in russia. The 521 Pzj. Abt was her unity.

The concept, designs, images and all documentation is scarce, by this I used a DRAGON model 1/35 kit for all. The BluePrints also are from Dragon kit, I prepared the Max and started to model it.

As this model is “cabriolet”, I had to make the interior, with the gun mechanism, scopes,ammunitions, seats, and the normal equipment of the crews.
When all was built, the texture work begin. I normally use a old method for this, without unwrapp of the MAX, because i come from MAX 3.1, very old I know. But it’s my way. First do the UVW work with planars maps and then to the texporter for do a good map for PhotoShop.

In PhotoShop with layers, I add layer upon layer trying make good camouflage winter, because I want do it with the Winter Scheme of the germans Tanks in Russia.
Now to preparing the final scene, for the lights, normally I only use the Script of my friend Ronnie Olsthoorn “Skyraider” . In the perspective view, I put the backgroung image ( also for background render ) and I adjust the tank to the real horizont of the image, then with the I adjust the distance focus for the real scale , I want put the tank under the Snow tree.

For the shadows under the tank, the best is use for the floor a big plane with Matte-Shadow material. As the interior would not be visible, was deleted, but in the other side are all the components. I adjust the  light colors to the original scene, and retouch it in PhotoShop a little bit for add some Blur . But also believed that a crew would be nice, this is a big problem, because the polycount was already difficult to handle. A idea come to my mind, do it in 2d.

Easy and simple. Take a preview of the tank and into PhotoShop , I adjust the characters one by one, adjusting the color to the environment and the scale of them J. Then I paste  the final image and use it like backgorund to render final with a little of grain 0,11 .Again in Photoshopsome retouchs, Desaturate a bit, Blurred and a bit of sharpen, then my Logo “El Torito” ( little Bull ) and the real name of the Beast.

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Inaki Karras from Valencia –Spain-
Hobbytest of Military 3D

Email: iks3d@ymail.com
Profile: http://kas.3dm3.com/
Portfolio: http://kas.3dm3.com/portfolio/
Website: http://thetankmaker.blogspot.com
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