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Making of Nokia 6233

I created this image to see my “rendering abilities”, or how realistic my renders can be. :)

Hey there!

I created this image to see my "rendering abilities", or how realistic my renders can be. :) I chose this model cause I own the phone and noticing any differences to original would be easier. The following software was used: 3DsMax9, Cebas FinalRender and Photoshop CS3.

The first step was finding as many references of the model as I could on the net.

As for the glasses and headphones, I took reference pictures of them myself.

After collecting all the references, I started modeling the phone using 3ds Max standard poly modeling tools. The modeling process lasted for 3 days, as I was working in my spare time.

Then I unwrapped all the models I was going to put textures on.

All the texturing was done in Photoshop.

I used FinalRender for this project. In my opinion FR is one of the best Renderers on the market. It’s easy to tweak, flexible in terms of materials and really usrr friendly.

I used FinalRender Advanced materials for all the objects in the scene. FRadvanced materials are very flexible and easy to use. easy to set up and I achieved the desired results after several test renders. .  I also used FR rect light and the new FRdisplace modifier for complex detail.

Lit buttons were created in the following way: I used a "home made" texture for the diffuse. after this I applied an opacity map to the buttons with 30% opacity. and after that I placed a self illuminated plane with 200% of self illumination behind the buttons.

FRfillet shader helped me a lot too!

Then I went on to the lighting. GI and FRrectlight are used in this scene. I wanted to have a window like effect in the reflection, so I modeled something like a window and put it in front of the rectangular light.

As for dof, At first I was going to create the effect in post, using Depth channel, but as the project was not commercial and I had plenty of time I decided to use FR camera depth of field effect to achieve realistic result. Of course, render times exploded, but I am satisfied with the result.

There is also an HDRI image used for reflection and lighting.

For additional realism, some post work was done in Photoshop. Some color correction, some leveling, and finally some film grain.


My name is Besik Mzhavanadze. I am 23 years old and I come from Batumi, Georgia. I started working in CG back in 2003. I moved to Tbilisi, Capital of Georgia in 2006 and have been working here ever since. I work for Orange Graphic LLC now. My job is modeling and rendering.

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