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Making of Lida

In this work, I want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantasy ,sci-fi and surreal.


In this work, I want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantasy ,sci-fi and surreal. So I start doing research…here is some I searched on Google.

Concept / Sketch

Here is some rough concept sketches, compose with the pipa(the musical instrument) photo and graphic elements to get how it’s looks like below. And I chosed the suit one to start painting.

Black and White

In this step ,I strat with black and white first, and I draw every elements for each layer, that is because is more easily to change color for each elements,use the Hue/Saturastion and Replace Color tool to change color. So, I fill a gradient on the background, and put the sketch as a guide line above, lower down the opacity.

Second, I start from skin, just paint gray tone color and working on value and paint the suit and shoes.

Painting hair and the shadow on the feet. Painting chair and add pipa (musical instrument)

I used gradient tool couple times to paint the chair, jit is easily to get smooth. And adding speaker and the strings on pipa. I used the flower brush to design the pattern on the pipa. Ok, it almost done there with black and white. It’s the time to go to use Hue/Saturation and Replace color and Selective color tool to change color.


Here is some steps that I used Hue/Saturation and Replace color and Selective color tools to adust color.
First, I used Hue/Saturation tool to get basic color tone. Second, I used Replace color to give her skin more red and pink color.

Now, the the skin shadow looks too dark, and I want it more bright. So I used Replace color tool again. And I used Selective Color to give the high light skin more yellow, more looks like asia people skin.

I used replace color again to give more saturation on the shadow part. The light bounce from skin will get a little red and orange because subsurface scattering. And I used Selective Color again to give the high light part a little blue, because many tiny vein under the skin.

I used basic paint brush to paint the lips and eyes make up. And then, use Hue/Saturation tool to get the basic color of chair sofa.

Use replace color to give the dark side more red, looks like purple. Hue/Saturation tool again to get the basic tone.

Glowing Effects

Change the background and add there some effects. Here I used soft airbush paint the glow and radial blur it for couple times.

And I used color range tool to select the white section, and fill white color on another layer, using gaussian blur.

And I put some text from the poem behind the background, like graphic design. I typed the text and transform the type to surround her. And I duplicate the text couple times, and using motion blur for vertical and horizontal direction.

And ,Finally It DONE~!!
So, here just show some method that how I working on the piece, and hope that will be help.
If there have any question or suggestion, please feel free to let me know.

Yu Cheng

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