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Making of Barbarian

This is my new model that I’ve done in my free time


This concept I started with this idea .. more over time I have been modifying it to keep the style I wanted

STEP 1: Modeling & Sculpting

1. I’ve started the volume and elements with a base mesh in Softimage XSI.
2. beginning the work of detailing the model defining the edge loops of the face and body.
3 Development of the model elements and parts, made from bases at the beginning of the model.

A half part of low poly already done in XSI …
Then comes time to use zbrush to the finer details. I usually do much as I can of the polygonal models outside of Zbrush to save some time and let less work to do in Zbrush as well.

The clothes I used an alpha basically the fabric sw

All parts of scars and wounds I used the alphas sw burnedskin with variations in size and intensity, for a large number of details,
Boundaries of wrinkles and fat I used the clay and brush alphas sw wrinkles 02 and 04 .

STEP 2: Opening UV

I used ZBrush to open the loop because he had seen a few videos and found a good opportunity to test the tool …I made a little tutorial of the steps that I found most important …
Come on:
1 .with the model in the uv sdiv1 you open the master.
2.create a clone to work.
3. enable the control paintering … and protect.
4. paint using symmetry and let the all red model
5. Attract done that enable to design the cutting of the mesh
6. After making the cut line press unwrap
7. to see the result you press the button unflatten … done

STEP 3: Maps and Textures

I painted all the textures in photoshop using references of people and object to the inorganic areas…

STEP 4: Shader & SkinSSS

To work with skinsss xsi shader I used maps of areas to control the variations of skin tones were used maps …
color,subdermal scatter,bump,normal,specular and epidermal scatter..

STEP 5: Set of Illumination

I used an infinite light to make a global light. and point lights to the ambiance.



I did eight passes just to compose the final image. color,id,depth,reflection,highlight,alpha hair,ambient occlusion end multiply.

Final Rendering in Autodesk Softimage XSI
Final Composition In Photoshop

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