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A Call for Humanity

Yes, it’s true; this is my grandson Omar in 2555 AD, not an alien. How I wished it is not my grandson.


Yes, it’s true; this is my grandson Omar in 2555 AD, not an alien. How I wished it is not my grandson.

I don’t want him to look like this, I wish I could have given my grandchildren a better future than this gloomy future doomed with technology concepts, lacking humanity and spirituality; I wish he will not curse me for what I’ve brought on him and his ancestors .
I do not know if it is me or our human nature that makes us obsessed with chasing what is new. Our greedy instincts could be the reason behind the extinction of humanity.

My rising from death was the initiation of my dream of a present, dark with the unknown intentions of the future. I can’t stop myself ponder of the future and what it will hinder for us. I cannot stop myself from fearing our future and how it will be with its new dead concepts.

Following are simple flashes of my digital vision of the upcoming future, images and concepts that are just rational predictions of what could happen.

New Ages:

In the coming five centuries, humanity will witness big quick changes in a very short time, changes that are reflected in several ages.
The Genetic Age/1998 – 2145 AD:
In this age, huge steps and developments in genetic science will take place and many human characteristics will be changed and manipulated.
The Organic Age/ 2145 – 2270 AD:
It’ll be a result of the previous age. Genes will be changed according to a human’s job and role in life; for example, he would be without feet, or with one hand, or have five eyes, or nine fingers in each hand, etc, and an electronic system will be developed to compensate him emotionally and psychologically.
The Colors Age/2270 – 2389 AD:
This age is again a result of the previous age, after distorting the human look; in this age you can change the color of your skin or eyes or voice as you like.
The Eyelid Age/2389 – 2555 AD:
This will be the last episode of humanity on earth.



In future wars, there’ll be no need for weapons of mass destruction or heavy artillery, because they’ll be useless; hacking internal electronic systems and networks between countries will be the future wars. Destroying or dominating the infrastructures of the enemy; military, financial, telecommunication, education, planning systems. .etc, consequently paralyzing the enemy.
It already started; the late Russian war with Georgia is an excellent example. Imagine the budget countries are allocating to protect them from this nightmare. Specialized military units are created and trained.

Wars will not last more than one hour.

Weapons of mass destruction will be sent to other planets to be destroyed. The concept of traditional war will disappear in the first age (Genetic Age).
Some might think that this is human kind dream, not to shed blood, but this is just the beginning of the end.


In 2314, scientists will invent a new religion and impose it on all humans, “Worship of Numbers”. They will consider the science of numbers as the optimal truth that brings development and modernity to humans; as a result, religious men will be persecuted everywhere and tortured and will be subject to brain washing.



Scientists believe that it’ll be better to keep the brain open to perform several enhancements and updates to the software that will be installed in it.

“The human brain needs expansion”
 Scientists Society 2336.



Scientists will redirect all blood veins and arteries, believing that this will be better for the human body. The need for this operation started in the Organic age.


Food as we know will be completely different in the future; its nature will change to become almost liquid so as not to waste time in eating. Eating will take place only while sleeping. 300 ml per day will be enough. As a result, excretion will change, pores will close and sweating will stop, intestines will shrink, and eventually, human will have no distinctive smell.


The open brain will have lots of electronic devices and key parts that will dominate its functions directly (in the automated electronic part). Some parts will be responsible for communications, it will be enough to request the code from the brain and immediately start writing the message, different types of attachments can be sent as well.


A new revolutionary visual mechanism will be used; it will depend on lenses connected to controlling centers in the back of the brain, it will enable humans to see clearly at night and see objects from tens and hundreds of miles; this is going to be achieved thru connectors planted in the back of the brain and directly connected to satellites, enabling the human to see clearly and accurately by changing the setting of the lens.
These lenses will enable human to see hidden objects by benefiting from the existing objects in nature using them as reflectors.


In 2413, a unique mechanism for writing will be developed, it will not need hands or fingers, or voice; it will be called the Eyelid Writing, and its age is named after it.

This mechanism depends on placing a thin rubber layer under the eyelid; it contains small crystal circles arranged in a certain way, a glass layer is placed over the eye on the main lens.

When a person wants to write, the crystal circles will come out of the rubber layer and start moving and printing the letters on the external lens, to be directly read, translated, and transferred to the recipients by the brain. This mechanism is known for its speed, ease of use, and can be used to write unconsciously; this way, any person can write and describe his dream while sleeping. This mechanism is also used in interrogations and is called (dancing with the dreams).

This mechanism will evolve to writing by sending quick laser rays to the lens.


Music will play a major role in the future and will be considered the second world language, it’ll help unifying the various languages by innovating a program that analyzes languages depending on that language’s music to find the meanings according to the mechanism of reactions, breathing, and heart beat.

Beethoven symphonies will be considered as the most intelligent work humanity has come up with, and it will be recommended to the retarded and weak students to help them improve their logic. The 9th symphony will by the world’s national anthem.


Human has exaggerated in his interest in cosmetology in an attempt to compensate his deformation and imperfections and to find a unique independent personality.


In an advertisement that appears in Mers (formerly known as Marseilles) in 2409, “You can select and design your face, or select the color of your skin and in only 99 minutes. All you have to do is choose”. You’ll need a permit from the union and we’ll help you get it in 3 minutes.

By using one of the new modern cosmetics technologies based on using various manufactured solid organic cartilages, genetically modified skins, and new industrial rays, you can design your face, eyes, voice and body the way you want.




It became a custom to get rid of the ear pavilion by genetic engineering for beauty and functional reasons to benefit from this part by placing electronic devices to protect the human from noise and echo.


In this period, hair is perceived as one of the human’s primitive ways of excrement, like the nails, and is seen very ugly and similar to animals. So the genes are modified so no hair will ever grow.


With time, teeth will fall gradually because the nature of food has changed to become liquid, so teeth are no longer needed.


Humans will depend on electronic bronchia to help them breath and filter air from poisonous gases that are a result of the various gases in the atmosphere; these bronchia will help human’s breath while asleep.



Games are powerful in subjugating the human’s desires and easily involving them in the main subject; in addition, games give the player several imaginary options without losing.

None of the current games will be available in the future; games will projected in one of the magnifying lenses over the eye. To start a game, your brain will receive its rules and settings in one closing and opening movement of the eyelids. Group games will become popular (you can play with another player in Philippines and a third sleeping player “Cheater”).

Sleeping while playing is prohibited and is considered cheating, because the sleeping player always wins due to using a large part of his subconscious and a part of his self controlling to the artificial brain.

In the future, games will be considered as the first means of communication and the most effective ones; some games will be compulsory depending on the age group, and some games will be used in treating some illnesses such as phobia, schizophrenia, reincarnation, hysteria, etc.


Sports will be limited to various contractions planned by the brain and sent to the muscles and nerves to perform, accompanied by music saved in the brain and images printed on an inner eye in the brain that represent preprogrammed interactive rhythms and natural scenes that can be selected by a person to help him feel the reality and enjoy it. The brain provokes the production of small amounts of certain hormones to increase the joy of the exercise.

These exercises are performed while sleeping for concentration and to save time.


The bed will be a ball filled with organic liquids in which humans sleep; he’ll breathe through the branchia. This method is considered one of the best sleeping methods, because it gives an equal exposure to all the body cells to the modified simulated gravity; thus, prolonging its life.

Sleep duration will be 12 hours divided in 3 equal doses.


The ideal education stage will start in the 6th month of pregnancy. Babies will be taught through autosuggestions (sound, music, pictures, lighting, pressure, etc). There’ll be no schools or universities and humans will learn only while sleeping by receiving the information coming to their brains. Humans will be able to work efficiently at the age of five.

Games will be an essential element in learning, and will be the official way to test human abilities.


Tourism will disappear from earth, all you want to see and feel is available in the form of games and 3D simulated programs that have sound, picture, scent, music, and any other stimuli.
Google is already working on such project.



There will be no traditional sex. It will be possible for two persons to have sex in totally different places using special electronic programs.

Lovers will communicate with each other, see the same romantic imaged pictures and hear the same sounds through one of the eye lenses and send an order to the brain to release the required sexual hormones. Music, temperature, humidity, scent, lighting, etc, will create the desired sexual peak.

In case two lovers agree to have kids, one of them sends the genetic map to the other to make the baby; this map is later sent electronically to the babies’ factory.



Nearly all the current diseases will disappear; new forms will appear because of the scientists’ modifications on human nature and genes. Scientists will say that the Gods of numbers are punishing humans and causing errors in the numeric calculations of their brains and genes because they stopped worshipping the Gods and donating generously to Gods societies.


The richest people on earth will be those who own the air and trade in it in cubic meters. When all the space on earth is sold and owned, competition on buying vertical meters and kilometer of air starts, starting on earth and ending with the entire surrounding atmosphere. These rich people gather their fortunes because of the high taxes they impose in return for all the information, messages, rays, and transportation means passing through their possessions.


The cubic meters of air around earth will be the perfect place to perform terrorism and hacking of information.



Punishment and crime will be different from its current status. Punishment will depend on denying the person from some of the privileges he can control, such as adjusting the work of the electronic ear to stop hearing noise, changing the color of skin and eyes, designing a new face, adjusting the lenses, or playing group games which is like imprisonment, or making him play cruel and painful games.


Humans will no longer be able to make facial and body expressions, only artificial predefined smiles will remain. In this period, natural tears will be considered as a legend.



Robots will replace doctors, engineers, and workers. They will be planted in the brain’s automated part; they are very small and very sophisticated.



On 5/5/2555, after deliberation, the legislative council decides to allow some robots to conduct important operations to help the human brain correct and treat issues related to logic.

The truth commands the orchestra to stop playing music

In the same day, one robot takes control of the human brain, and after 3 minutes, 10 seconds, and 7 milliseconds, the human kind is taken by the new master (the electro-mechanic Gods).

The word (who runs fast can’t see clearly)

After all this accelerated scientific and uncivilized development in all life’s aspects, it is very sad that we’re still at loss in our blind search running and crawling around an imaginary truth, thinking that scientific materialistic development is the optimal pure solution for our terrestrial misery that we invented ourselves.


Music of the truth breaks all rhythms

I wish all those efforts were channeled into ethical development and promoting our social status, there is no harm in a farmer getting tired from his long day in the field, or in a young man traveling for a week or month to visit his sick mom, or in a kid falling and hurting his knee while playing with friends then going back to his mom crying, or a girl mourning the death of her father; or from a village collecting money to help its poor, or from a young man donating blood for an elderly he doesn’t know. All these are examples of honorable human acts, and they are better than becoming industrial machines or creating metal Gods who transform us to become like them.

The Utopias of Aristotle and Farabi are known for their peace not technology

Globalization is an evil concept that aims at wiping out the traditions, variances and diversities accumulated since the creation of human kind.


To be continued…
Can the Space Humans liberate the human race???

I would like to thank my friend Batter Qarden for his inspiration and support,
Also Maha and Christina Esweh, Mahmoud Amera, Akram Smadi and Adey Al- Khatib

Big thanks for Stryker


31 years old, self-taught artist, writer, director, independent film maker, Arabic calligrapher, sculptor and designer.
Currently working as an Art Director in Jordan, And Have his own projects
For more information:

Any comments or critics are always welcomed.

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