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Interview with Peter Syomka

It is interview with Peter Syomka the 3D artist and professional designer of models. You will know a bit about him and about his methods of modelling, as well many other things!

Interview with Peter Syomka
09 December 2002 | Stryker

Please, introduce yourself.

Syomka: My name is Peter Syomka

Where did you learn how to model such very detailed work, can you
tell us if you attended any particular courses?

Syomka: As to 3D I didn’t study special
courses. The first acquaintance with 3D graphic began with 3ds max 4 for
DOS in 1997. At that time I did not know where can find serious courses
on 3D. Therefore books on 3D and help’s were my teachers at that time.
More serious work began with 3ds max in 1998, but all the same it was
just hobby. I then worked in graphic arts industry, and 3D was engaged
at free time.

Have you got art education?

Syomka: Yes. In 1996 I have finished
the Kiev Art – industrial technical school (a specialty "industrial
design"). There I have received education on classical figure, painting,
and a composition. But to study never late. Now I go on private courses
of figure and Nikolay Shkaraputy’s painting. The knowledge of laws traditional
art very much helps me in computer graphics.

What consists of your modeling process, and what modeling techniques
do you usually use?

Syomka: Process of modeling is very
simple – polygon after polygon. From simple to complex. Plus observation.
It is especially important to be attentive at attempt to recreate a reality.
It is impossible to miss details. If it is present at real object it should
be and in computer model. Other thing as can be solved it technically:
if it is impossible to do without polygons, it means should be modeling.
But do not forget that exists displacement, and on some details it is
enough mapping. For organics it is more convenient to me to use polygonal
modeling. For me it is Maya. Nurbs modeling it is convenient for exact
technical modeling. In this case it is pleasant to me Rhino. Rendering
it is 3ds max. But everyone itself may choose the proper tool.

Can you also recommend some good plugins that you used?

Syomka: For greater reliability it is
better to use as small as possible plugins. In this case it is pleasant
to me Maya. But in some cases without plugins to not do. Now probably
all have got used to global illumination in 3D. I like V-RAY render for
speed, Brazil render for quality. But Brazil unfortunately slow for experiments.
Therefore I while choose V-RAY.

Now lets look at one of your models you have created, the Female.
Where did you get this idea, why did you choose to model a female? How
did you start modeling this figure?

Syomka: Modeling of the person demands
the qualitative approach and helps to fix knowledge of anatomy. After
the decision of this problem any complex organic forms are given much
easier. I with such purpose also started this work. And why the Female?
The first attempt of modeling of the realistic person at me was 2,5 years
back. It was the model of the boy. Experience was a little and attempt
was unsuccessful. And then I have seen Amazonsoul – project Rene Morel.
I have decided to not risk more and start to model a virtual actress.
Also the smooth female person is much more difficult to simulate than
the brawny man’s person. As they say hardly in the study, it is easy in

method did you use to model this character? Please explain. If possible
can you tell us some tips which should follow when modeling a body?

Syomka: Sub-dive modeling in Maya. In
one window I operated with polygons, and in the other I observed result
in sub-dive. It is difficult to tell about "Tricks". I think
that first it is necessary to study anatomy. The person it hardest a design
as for the form. In classical figure nobody begins with drawing the person.
All over again it is necessary to understand structure of the simple form,
and only then to pass to complex. And so in all.

How long did it take you to model this character?

Syomka: It is difficult to tell. I began
to do it in September 2001 and in 3 weeks was almost ready. Then at free
time I improved it a little bit, but still now have not finished. Now
proceeding from my experience at presence a free time I have spent on
high realistic model of the person from 15 up to 20 days on 8 hours working
daily. This work includes model, display UVWmap and texturing.

question about your plans, new works?

Syomka: Yes, it is a lot of plans. Only
time does not enough to realize these plans. And in some cases means are
limited. At first I want to return to industrial design. I very much like
to be engaged in design of automobiles. But I do not create any till now.
Soon I shall update a site and you will see something from this. Also
I have desire to make the cinema. I for a long time bear some ideas, and
I am now closer to the purpose than earlier. But here a problem – the
finance. It would not be desirable to finish on such sad note.


Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

Syomka: Thank you.

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