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Interview with Jacobo Rojo

3DM3 introduce to you interview with Jacobo Rojo – “Making of Audi R8 in Desert” author and Arte-3D Modelling Studio founder and owner.

3DM3 introduce to you interview with Jacobo Rojo – “Making of Audi R8 in Desert” author and Arte-3D Modelling Studio founder and owner.

Hi Jacobo, talk first a little bit about yourself and how you got started in 3D?
I’m 37 years old and I live in Mexico city. Well my profession is Graphic Design, from the very beginning of my studies I begin learning 3d Studio version 2 in MS-DOS from my own because 3D has always interested me a lot and I used it very often in my work, I worked 9 years as a Graphic Designer and a couple of years ago I decided to start my own business Arte-3D Modeling Studio.

Why you select cars as the main subject of your creativity?
I got inspired after watching all the 3D cars from other authors and because they where a real challenge to me at that time.

What applications do you use?
At the very beginning I started using Rhino but I ended up with 3ds Max because the meshes were much lighter and easy to render than converted models from a nurbs software.

Your cars look very realistic! What of render you used to reach similar realism?
I use Mental Ray and Vray, both engines are very powerful. Lately I’m working more with Vray, I find it a little faster and lighting results are beautiful.

You have your own “Arte-3D Modeling studio”. Tell us about its history and what the current main work and tasks of your studio?
I started with it a couple of years ago and it’s been a good time and fun running my own business.

How many people’s except you works on “Arte-3D Modeling Studio” ?
It’s just me and when it’s required I hire extra freelance 3d modelers.

Tell us about your favorite car that you ever make in 3D and your favorite car in real life.
I like all the cars that I model in 3D because each one is a different challenge and on every model you get better and better but specially I like the Porsche Carrera GT and The Audi R8. In real life my all time favorite cars are Porsche’s and I have to join the Audi R8 cause I really like its design.

What are your next models and projects for nearest future?
Well it’s hard to manage your own business, in one part I have to make models for my site and in the other side I have to attend my clients so free time is very rare.

What a computer (hardware) you have?
A Dell Workstation – Dual Xeon, 4 GB Ram, GForce X800 GTX, and two big HD.

How do you spend your free time?
With family mainly and when I have time I play the drums.

Car models are always one of most popular category in galleries, model shops and challenges. So few words of advice for beginners which want to learn to create so perfect cars as yours?

Well thanks for the comment. I would tell them to study, practice a lot and have a good observing in real life objects. That’s the key for making good 3D scenes and of course try to take your own creativity beyond your limits, showing your own work to others for serious critics is really helpful too.

Thanks for interesting dialogue.
All images copyrigths belong to Jacobo Rojo and Arte-3D Modelling Studio

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