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Interview with Alex Konst

Very interesting interview with Alex Konst. He work with Concept Visualization company as professional 3D visualization designer.

December 13, 2004 | Stryker

Stryker: Please, introduce yourself.

Konstantinov Alexei Gennadievich (Alex Konst). I am work as 3D designer with Concept Visualization company but I make works for other firms as well.

Stryker: Tell a little bit about yourself, than you are fond, where you live, where work now?

I live in Ukraine – Kharkov city. Long ago I visited guitar school and learnt classical music and since than I have been paling the guitar and listening classical music and It is my hobby. Now I work as a freelance 3D artist

Stryker: How and when you have decided to be engaged computer graphic?

Before, about 5 years ago I was afraid of computer work and even was afraid of keeping a mouse in my hand. My first try in 3DI made with AutoCAD 2000 working as electrical engineer and than I understood I would never be electrical engineer I would be 3D designer.

Stryker: What programs of modeling basically you use and why them?

I use 3DS max only for modeling. Nothing else. MAX is simple and fast.

Stryker: Your works look very realistic, what methods of rendering you use?

Unfortunately I am not able to show my best works because I am not allowed to show them ….you understand me….. I tried to work with Final Render , Brazil , Vray and finally I decided to use Vray. At that time I wanted to prepare ARH VIZ images only, but now I prepare object rendering with Vray too and I think Vray is OK for this kind of rendering. And of course I use Photoshop for post work but than more experience I have than less Photoshop edition I use.

Stryker: How many times have rendering of one stage

It depends on the size of the image and the scene complexity. It is about 4 – 20 hours for

Stryker: What a computer you have?

I have 2 PC’s. First is ATHLON 3GHz 1,5 GB memory. Second is PENTIUM 4 3,2 GHz 1GB memory

Stryker: How many days you create one interior?

Interiors are about 2 – 5 days.

Stryker: Where you take 3 D models and textures for your works?

As a whole I prepare all the models myself but some of them I take from internet to speed up my working

Stryker: Describe in few words, process of creation of any interior. From what you start?

First I need CAD drawings or perspective pencil drawings made by designer. First step is an interior box (floor, walls etc…). Than I need furniture pictures and materials description. Than i put all furniture into the scene and work with lighting and correct materials according to the lighting

Stryker: What is the main thing in creation of any scene?

The main thing …..Is LIGHTING. Not materials, not modeling but lighting

Stryker: How many light sources you used in a scene?

It depends on the number of the windows and the number of inside lights which turned on in the room. The number of the lights = number of windows + number of inside lights. That is very simple

Stryker: Do you Art Education or you finished special rates?

No I do not have any art education but I think it is even better …………))).

Stryker: What your favorite web-sites, except 3DM?

3dcenter.ru and chaoticdimension.com

Stryker: Whom do you see yourself in the future? Your plans?

It is a little difficult to talk about my future in my country Ukraine . Ukraine is a very pure country and in my city I am not able to get more than 300$ per month in the best case. You maybe understand what 300$ per month is………..no future…….. Only working with foreign firms I could get my PCs and feel a little better here

Stryker: Few words of advice for beginners in this industry which want to learn to create so beautiful interiors as yours?

First of all they need to visit any good forum where best persons talk about using rendering systems. Than they need to analyze the pictures made by best people and try to reach the quality.

Stryker: Thanks Alexei for interesting conversation, was very pleasant!

Thank you very much too.

Alex Konst – Homepage


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