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Hi! My name is Jiri Adamec and I want show you how I created Afro head and give you the inspiration to create resembling or better pictures. Main page: www.astil.euweb.cz MODELING: Before one year I saw tutorial in the head at http://www.secondreality.ch/. And my style of the modeling isn?t so different from it. One of […]

Subdvision Body 3D Model by Wiro

A female body from a cylinder This tutorial is best suited for those who like to see a rough model from the start and then refine into detail as you go. The technique is best suited for those that prefer to see a rough representation of their models from the start to judge proportions.  It’s […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Modeling of Portal Cube

The Portal Cube or Weighted Companion from the Valve game Portal has become somewhat of an icon. This morning I modelled this in 3D Studio Max and recorded to show how it was done. This is a High-Poly model which demonstrates some basic to moderate modelling techniques and adding some textures. DOWNLOAD VIDEO FILE Talk […]

Making Guanajua to Alley by Eugenio Garcia Villarreal

Introduction Hi, everyone, this my first tutorial of the creation of a 3D image, im a recently graduated Graphic Designer, from Monterrey, México, and I have 2 years since I start to do 3d, when I began to learn Lightwave. I find 3d great, because you can bring to reality anything you imagine. Inspiration. I […]
Polygon to Xgen Tutorial (Eng/Esp)

Polygon to Xgen Tutorial (Eng/Esp)

-In this tutorial I’ll show you how to convert polygons to Xgen Hair guides. -Model used Malcolm 2.0 courtesy of AnimSchool.com, Donwload the free rig in its website. -En este tutorial, les muestro como convertir un cabello poligonal a guías para hacer cabello en Xgen. -Modelo usado Malcolm 2.0 cortesía de AnimSchool.com, Descarga el rig […]

How To-Buy Ios Ranking

rnYou ought to start with in-depth investigation on your people and competitors. You want to gather a ton of information-pushed insights on your end users and competitor apps. You can buy instagram followers for better social media marketing and better reach of your product. But for that you need to identify your target audience, your […]