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3D Character Rigging - The Leg: IK Handles (Part 2-6)

In these tutorials we look at how to rig a character from scratch, and we do it proper.
Rigging can be unpleasant and frustrating. Rigging is such a wide area, so these tutorials are going to be uploaded in parts.
This is the second tutorial in a series on how to make a character rig. In this tutorial we look into:
– Controllers
– IK Handles
– Control Joints
– Rubberhose

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About The Author

Dennis Jensen Hello, my name is Dennis Jensen. I'm a CG Nerd and I have been most of my life. I started in my teenage years playing around with 3D Studio max (3DS Max), as it was called back then. I'm currently on my second bachlor Year as a CG Artist where I had some cool teachers from Dreamworks, Cinesite and Framestore just to name a few. I my opinion learning should be fun and exciting, I really hope you enjoy my tutorals.


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