Particles Matrix

In this tutorial I’m gonna show ya some PaintFX stuff. We’ll create new PaintFX brush to achieve an effect little similar to Matrix green bubbles or sumthin’ . This is tutorial for beginner Maya user so don’t worry this ain’t very complicated.

Modeling basketball

I started playing with computer graphics when I was 15, on a shiny Amiga 500 (using a software called Sculpt Animate 4D) and a fantastic 2D software called Photon Paint.

Normal maps

In this tutorial I will try to explain some techniques and show you how to bake and create normal maps, which become very popular in this days, specially in game industry.

Red Vertex Foliage Tutorial

The scene consists of a round patch of grass, the house in the center and trees surrounding it. They had to be close to each other so you couldn’t see through them, creating the impression of a forest. For every camera view, I added, removed or moved trees and foliage to shape the composition.

Making of Abandoned building

This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building. I felt that I live inside the design and I worked with every single details as if it was the design itself.

Making of PV-3 Jet

This project was made to learn blueprint modeling and unwraping (I had never done this before). In this making of I’m going to show all parts of my work and also I’m going to point on mistakes that I have made.