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Here we want to collect interesting and useful tutorials on 2D/3D packages. If you have the quality tutorial or you can write a good tutorial exclusively for us under one of the above categories, please contact stryker@3dm3.com

In 2006, I was introduced to Mr. Peter Thompson, owner ofMeritus Racing by Paul McAusland of UrbanImaging. He had recommended my 3D visualservice to Mr. Thompson ...
Hi, everyone, this my first tutorial of the creation of a 3D image, im a recently graduated Graphic Designer, from Monterrey, México, and I have 2 years since I start to do 3d, when I began to learn Lightwave.
La espera was created entirely in Light Wave. At first we used the 9.3 version which had already incorporated significant advances in fast skin y global light, then look at version 9.6...
A brief look at the modelling of my orcs head, and a nice in-depth look at how I did the UV mapping, and painted the different textures for his head. © Leigh van der Byl
The following article isn't intended to be a tutorial as such but rather a focused ‘making of' during which I will attempt to explain a lot of my working practices and techniques.
A couple of months ago, I read the famous comic novel “the top of the gods” by Jiro Tanigushi. I was so inpresssed by his drawings and the story about the first pilgrims in the Everest, I decided to create a picture about mountains.
This tutorial will show you how to create a lighting rig that will simulate daytime lighting conditions. Most importantly, it will allow you to easily adjust the rig so you can reuse the rig in many different scenes. © Andy Nicholas
Making Lightsabers in LightWave with a little help from Adobe After Effects. © Mike Hobson
"We can start to say that this tutorial is very simle, but probably it's a little boring..." © Gianluca Panebianco
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