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Creating HighPoly Beretta in 3DS MAX



In This tutorial I will show my way of creating high poly weapon in 3d max.

Step 1

First things first.go to create panel and Create a plane like I show on the image and apply the reference image texture on it.(i found this beretta image on google)


Step 2

After select that plane, right click on it , object options and untic "show frozen in gray" now you can frizz that object. create a new plane on top of the plane like I show on the image and add a little opacity to it and convert it to editable poly.


Step 3

Now we will expend the polygons. by selecting the edges and holding shift and draging them you can create new polygons like I show on the image.


Step 4

Then start to expend other adges and then you should weld the verteces that need to be welded by selecting target weld in the vertex option.


Step 5

I Finish the top part of the gun like I show on the image


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