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Making of the Breakfast Wars
In this tutorial I will be showing the process and some techniques I generally use to create my artwork. Views: 10127
Making of Calamity Jane
This tutorial is a project overview for my image“Calamity Jane ”. This image is a personal project maybe you can say just make for for fun. In this tutorial I will not go in detail explanation, assuming that reader has some basic knowledge of modeling and rendering ... Views: 13052
Making of Punk
"Punk" is a character inspired from one of the models of The intention was to make a character aesthetically pleasing, stands out from the rest and has a unique design. In this article, I will try to explain the process I followed to create the character. Views: 33312
Making of breeze of the past
The work consists of an old office room in good condition, still in use even now. I started this work wanting to create a silent story, so I made the components of the room appear to be speaking for themselves. Views: 35795
Making of Fall
This was a project I started few years ago, but it never grew to more than initial sketch and simple scene blocking in 3D. First idea for the image was just to create old rusty factory and something mysterious in that tunnel. Views: 68516
Making Of German Soldier Bust
The idea of creating a bust of a soldier, came the need to not have seen anything of this digital character so controversial. I maturing the idea of seeking references and finally ended up setting the project staff. Views: 14536
Making of the Conall
First and most important part is to imagine what you have to or what you want to create. After few hours I’ve chosen to sculpt werewolf. It’s half human, half animal and it has clothes. So many different issues to face up. Views: 38252
Making of the Hammerburst II
I will try to show you how I proceeded to get the Hammerburst II from "Gears of War 2" done. So I will try to explain my modeling, texturing, rendering and final compositing work flow for it. Views: 29333
Making of Rhodos
In this making of I will show you my way of working and I will tell you something about the progress and some techniques that I used for the image. Views: 38157
Making of Babylon
This making of is about planning a scene, modeling and managing the scene. You will probably be surprised but the most important steps for this particular scene were the Planning and the Managing. Views: 29352
Making of Trapped
What I would like to do is to pick the animals and their characteristics that more fascinate me. During a recent travel I have taken a photo at the “Bird Park” of Kuala Lumpur. Immediately I've been captured by the expression of this parrot… Views: 8475
Making of Mr.Obama Digital Portrait
Since my project was related to well known public person finding good references was easy task but it was impossible to find images that could be useful for assembling good image plains so i relied mostly on eyeballing techniques. Views: 22182
Making of 3D Asian Girl
Hello viewer My name is Gourav Sharma 3D Asian girl  is my 1st attempt to make a realistic looking 3d girl. Software i used 3ds max 2008 and photoshop cs3 Views: 33701
Making of La espera
I am proud to present this book to all that you are all great artist. La espera was created entirely in Light Wave. Views: 38936
Making of Say Cheese
In this image, artist make the dirty flooded water bathroom and fish tries to survive there in between of leaked pipes. Views: 21734
Making of Lust
I chose the image because of the mood and lighting information is very high. So I would like to discuss the steps I followed for "Making of Lust" took lot of effort and patience in drawing, using the optical mouse. Views: 109140
Making of The Room
Making of cyberpank styled room from Denis Tambovcev. Organizing of scene creation process described in details. Views: 27467
Making of Dream
Hello everyone interested the work of "Dream" The next few minutes I, Alex Kashpersky or RIDDICK, will be with you. Views: 54815
Making of Pink Assassin
On this project I used C4D for modeling and scene setup, ZBrush for sculpting and texture painting as well as fryrender for material creation and rendering. I also used the plug ins "paintonsurface" and "splinespread" for C4D. Views: 26489
Making of Amonnaht
I participate in Dominance War challenge with this character, but haven't finished it till competition deadline. But finally I decide to finish it because I don't like left my works unfinished. Views: 23998
Making of Geisha Bot
I wanted to create a fem-bot (or is it femme-bot?) and this time a geisha bot, inspired by the mysterious geisha women of Japanese tradition. So I went on the internet and got me some reference images as initial inspiration. Views: 17562
Making of MGS Female Ninja
I created this piece as a tribute to Metal Gear Solid. Base modeling in Lightwave, detailing and texturing in ZBrush, and post work in Photoshop. Views: 76695
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