The Making of Wonded Ork by dori3d

Published on: 05-13-2007 | Views: 110271
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As this is a making of article, I'm not gona cover every step of the creation process of this image. I assume you have some  basic knowledge in 3D in general, and basic to intermediate level for all the 3ds max users.

Different from my past creations, where I prepare a concept sketch prior to the cg work, I jumped stright to the computer and start modeling it as fast as I could. I don't know, the idea comed to me as a flashlight and I did'nt want to lose that first impression. I was angry to sculp that fantastic creature. That was my first goal, to frame that wonded monster in mesh. I got started with a simple piece of geometry, and gradually building up volume and form.

I tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the modeling flow, the way the surface is created, the way the edges tie together forming the necesary grid of mesh to help define the form beter.

Ok, after modeling quite a rough shape of his head, I exported it to Zbrush. It is a great program and offers infinte ways and techniques for character artists. Because this is an early stage for the modeling, I'm using Zbrush only for shaping the head, playing with proportion and not for adding small details.

Sadisfied for the moment from Zbrush, I got back to max extending and building new geometry

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