The Making of Lulu by TAURU Jimmy

Published on: 03-20-2007 | Views: 219817

About me

Hi, my name's TAURU Jimmy, I'm a 23 years old french 3D infographist. I made this work during 3 weeks in october 2006 trying to do my best,pushing my limits and knowledge in computer graphism.So I'm proud to show you my " making of Lulu"


Like a good number of rpg players, I'm an addict of Final Fantasy series.So I decided to make my own fanart of an in game playable character. I chosen Lulu from FFX because she's very adult ,serious and has a cold glance.



I worked on 3dsmax to create the mesh and zbrush helped me to have good shapes and for texturing. I began making the head mesh, just doing the minimum required, i dont't build the parts which'll be hiden in the future. Then I build the hairs in polygons , it takes a long time to have this result, that was a hard test for my nerves but i didn't give up. The clothes and props were quite simple to make, except the belts, placing them together trying not to interpenetrate eachover, patience required too.


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