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06 January 2007 | Stryker

This project started as a personal challenge, I wanted to apply everything that I learned throughout this year in a single work. I had in mind the idea of making a scene based on the fight between a warrior woman and a dragon, inspired in some role-playing games  with a bit from both oriental and western design, so I worked on this idea holding tight to this concept.

Anyways as I progressed I started changingsome parts and improving others as new ideas and I applied what I was justlearning. I think its good to adapt oneself to changes and not clinging toan  established idea. So I took picturesof a girl friend and based on the pictures I made some drafts, to adjust theidea of what I wanted to do.



I began with the girl’s body, something I had never done before; a human figure of realistic proportions. So far I had read some tutorials about the best ways of constructing her, a basic study of edge loops and other concepts that helped a good deal.

Although at the end the body would totally covered by the armor, I thought it would be a good learning exercise from which I would benefit, as I can take advantage of the experience for future works and save time.

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Hands and feet are of the most complicated parts one can stumble upon in my opinion. Because of the grid’s complexity and the planning of polygon placement.As it would finally make easier the animation and just the fact of placing them in the most simple, efficient and accurate way.


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The face was no doubt the most import part of the work, I focuses on modelling so that it didn’tresulted in a typical stereotyped pretty girl most near to the fashion bridge than my project. So I decided she must have her own charm and character to fit the with the projects concept, and this is actually more personal than the result of a study.


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