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Published on: 05-19-2008 | Views: 443320

Hello everyone, my name is Plamen Iliev and in this article I’ll try to explain the process of creating my 3D character Assassin.

I usually use the same tools for all my 3D characters although I sometimes experiment with new ones. For this particular project I used 3ds Max 9/2008, ZBrush 3.1, BodyPaint and Photoshop. This project began as an extension to one of my comic-style drawings of a girl coming out of a flower. There was no particular story behind her but I kind of liked the flowing hair and pose and decided to give her another dimension.

Before I start modeling I usually do a lot of research. I search for particular types of faces, although I already had some concept for this one and I also browsed the web for different kinds of clothing.

After that I had a general idea of what I had to model and a color palette I wanted to use.

The modeling process began with the face. I modeled the head directly in 3ds Max. I didn’t use the box-modeling technique, but the edge-extension method instead. I modeled the features first, like the eyes, the nose, and the lips, then I filled in the missing gaps. I took the ear from another project of mine. I believe it’s useful to keep a library of different objects and reuse them. Once I built the head I brought it into ZBrush and started experimenting with the Move brush. I used different photos of girls and tried to recreate their head structure. Orbiting around the face and looking at it from different angles helped a lot in working out its proportions.

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