Making of Naughty Robot by gigsmella

Published on: 03-26-2008 | Views: 82753

The idea is basically a steam punk robot named P-N01 on emergency repair by a cute techy girl named Lucy. The naughtiness came when he went back online after being fixed.

For this painting I just use ordinary brush. Below is my basic brush set-up.

I normally start my painting with very quick sketch then refine it along the way. This one I started with gray background just so I can have good contrast against my subject. By the way, I use Wacom tablet for most of my digital painting.

For the sole purpose of easy editing and repainting I always paint on Layers in Photoshop. I flattened some layers if necessary so it does not eat much memory.


I don’t normally work on details unless I see overall image even in rough, so what I do is I fill the drawings with base colors.


Always consider the lighting after color filling the drawings.
Below you can already see which direction is the light coming from.
Believable lighting is always important to add realism to the picture and correct casting of shadows as well because it will give volume and define shape of any given object


I normally work on the face if it's a character because for me it will dictate whether the picture will work or not.


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