Making of Wood/Concrete WC by rip

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3D Max 9 and Vray for rendering, for post work I always use Photoshop.


This was a client work, and we ask me to create a simple and modern Bathroom with similar lines as the exterior house (FIG. 1), very simple and with a lot of concrete and Wood.

So I start for making a simple sketch in paper with the idea and after the approval from the client I get my hands to work! (FIG. 2).


Due the fact this is a client job and the time is limited I use some premade models for filing the scene and make this more eye appealing!


The Bathroom modeling actually is very simple, I started with a spline and from the top view I started modeling the bathroom walls, then with the extrude tool I give that walls volume. (FIG. 3). To create the windows and doors in the walls I convert the model to editable poly and then use the cut tool for creating them (FIG. 4).

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The ceiling and the ground floor are just planes and simple boxes.

After making the base model I start to add detail to the bathroom, first was the wood panels in the wall, I fill all walls with panels in wood, for making this I use the Chamfer Box (In the Geometry > Extended Primitives > Chamfer Box) with the Following values (L;W;H;F) 90cm; 90cm; 3cm; 0.50 cm. (FIG. 5)

For the wood/metal plate around the bathroom I use a spline and then use the extrude modifier again to give volume. (FIG. 6)

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