Making of "My Prince" by nakaiwen

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Software: Photoshop CS3
Original size: 2717x3307 pixels
Time needed: about 32 hours
This image was a revision based on a work I did last December. (original picture at the right)

Main points about modification:

I tried to give this image some kind of unique and mysterious feeling. I also tried to challenge myself by putting some kind of creature in there not just supporting the overall flow but giving more interest to the image. Therefore, during this revision, I added some fantasy elements, for instance, I changed the lizard to a baby dragon, added bracelets and jewelry with mysterious symbols for the girl. About the elements of fantasy, I would like to thank the partners in my company - Houy Chen and Johnny Chen. They gave me many great ideas and advices during the revision. In the long run, I would like to have something with solid rendered regarding lighting and material, so it would be persuasive and believable.

Description of the story:

The girl in the picture is a young witch with mysterious magic, the baby dragon is her pet. The baby dragon looks up to the sky naively, strains the leash, and wants to fly into an adventure. Overall, I want to create a peaceful scene, just like we are holding our own pets, and that makes you feel warm, or even like the feel of pride.

Phase 1. Concept design

The focus of my work is usually a girl. While in the concept phase of this work, the central idea was the girl with the little animal she raised, and this was my first time putting a creature into my work. Before sketching, I usually would spend a little bit of time to collect some photos or pictures as references. Same thing I did here during the revision: the posture of the girl, lizard, cloth…all took appropriate data pictures as their supplement.

After the rough sketch, I asked my sister to be my model, and posed like the girl in the image so I could watched closely, especially fingers.
Then I spent some time cleaned up the rough sketch, gave it more of details. After that, I moved on to the painting phase.

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