Making of Animadanse by Julien Badoil

Published on: 12-05-2007 | Views: 30361

"Animadanse" is a movie graduation from Julien Badoil, Bertrand Debecque and Larson Liberlin de Shoriba Diop made in Paris, France.

Story of the film is written by the three directors from a concept ofdance performance, conceived by Larson: to create a bridge between the live performance and the animation. Two worldsrepresented by the two protagonists of the film and whose tradetranslate all the similarities and possible interactions between thesetwo artistic fields.

It's a short movie of 5mn40 based on dance, mixing live action and 3d animation.

"In a theater, a sweeper dream of dancing in front of a public. He met a character who will offer him this opportunity."

The whole project take about one and a half year to become a reality:

- 6 month of Pre-Production: script, storyboard, animatic 2D, concept design, etc...
- 1 year of Production: animatic 3D, modeling, texturing, animating, ligthing, etc...

We come from European School Of Animation (EESA), in Paris, and the team is:

Julien Badoil (concept design, modeling, texturing, shading, animation)
Bertrand de Becque (modeling, animation, ligthing, rendering, compositing)
Larson Liberlin de Shoriba Diop (setup, animation)

Alexandre Santos
Fabrice Allard

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