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Hello all and welcome to the making of "Balance's spirit". "Balance's spirit" is an illustration which I carried out for my training to carry out a realistic character. Indeed, at the beginning there was no concept design on this project. You will see the transformation of the character at the time when the idea will appear to create the final illustration. To make this project I've used 3DSMax for modelling, texturing, Vray for render, Ornatrix for hair and After Effect for compositing.


Like many other modeller, I've beging to create a simple plane and extrude the edges to begin the head. When you have the first shape of the eyelid, you can had a sphere has eye to help you to place well the vertex. In EditablePoly, you can now extrude the edge by pressing Shift+move, it's very fast. The topology of the head is very important if you want to create an animable shape, respecting the muscles of the head. Like this:

You can consider the red lines as the basic shape (low poly):

The interesing part begin after you create the simple mesh. At this step you split the faces to create the mass.

I have seen someone with the hand like that, open and downwards. It's a good idea to skin later.

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